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Anisata | A Delicious Aussie native

Anisata – a delicious Aussie Native (Aniseed Myrtle Oil) is the distinctive aniseedy scent in our Friendship & Acceptance blend. The Anisata Tree is indigenous to the coastal rainforest of subtropical eastern Australia and we think its unique Aussie-ness makes it really special.

How we utilise its Essential Oil Profile

It has an aromatic leaf with an Essential Oil profile comparable to true aniseed, only with a much gentler scent and a bright lemony finish. Anisata is simply perfect for masking territorial scents and creating acceptance.

Often foolishly limited to flavouring and culinary uses, we LOVE Anisata’s complex profile of antibacterial and anti-fungal characteristics. It is exactly these medicinal qualities which had Indigenous Australians traditionally using its leaves as an expectorant, insecticide and aiding indigestion.

A crop with benefits

We LOVE that Anisata orchardists in Nth NSW and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are finding that many native plants, animals and insects are thriving around these native tree orchards, enhancing our biodiversity.

Our blends are uniquely Australian

Genki Pet is proud to have such a bright and uniquely Australian Essential Oil as part of our recipe for Friendship & Acceptance. We have found Australian Essential Oils to be of the highest quality and very versatile in their uses.

Each one of our blends contains its very own signature Australian Essential Oil and we are super happy supporting local industries who are focused on nature, native flora and all the elements of living a healthier, happier life.

We choose to support Purity Essential Oils when purchasing our Anisata.

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