Cute dog Dachshund IVDD surgery crate rest calmly relieving separation anxiety with Stillness & Calm Success with Genki Pet

Henry, Leanne & Jo, Stillness & Calm

Success with Genki Pet

My daughter’s mini Dachshund Henry has a lot of separation anxiety. His anxiety has became worse due to my daughter spending more time with him since he went down with IVDD and had 2 surgeries in 8 weeks .

Henry is babysat by me (Henry’s Grandma) when my daughter goes to work. I bought some of Stillness & Calm to see if we could relieve his anxiety. We spray it around Henry’s calm areas, crate, doggy pram & bedding when my daughter leaves.

In 4 weeks we have certainly noticed a difference in Henry settling and his anxiety has improved. We have a little fella enjoying life a little more without so much anxiety.

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