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We can vouch for this product!

It was a Godsend during Covid Lockdown.
With Genki Pet, dogs and owners were more relaxed and it's doing really well.
And personally, from day one, this product has worked wonders on our own little Maltese.

Sandra, Pet Pantry & Co, Elwood.

The Perfect Tool In Your Tool Kit!

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We know you love your job working with pets, but why do it the hard way? Lord knows we could all do with less stress in our lives and we know some days our little furry friends are not at their best and present you with some challenges.

Make life easier on you and the dogs and cats you care for, walk, train, pet sit or groom! By utilising the gentle effectiveness of our 100% natural, professionally blended, behaviour changing Aromatherapy blends, you’ll be having a great day at work - naturally!

Our Behaviour Changing Blends Are For:

Naturally soothing and calming pet stress is our business.
Allow us to help you with your pet business!

Which pet businesses is Genki Pet for?


Dog Day Care

Dog Walkers

Dog Behaviourists

Dog Trainers

Show Dogs

Rescue Dog Groups

Animal Charities

Veterinarians especially Holistic Vets

Canine Acupuncturists

Canine Massage and Myotherapy

Canine Physiotherapy


Dog Friendly Cafes

Dog Friendly Bars

Dog Friendly Breweries

Dog Friendly Accommodation

Assistance Dogs

Guide Dogs

Pet Sitters

Pet Hotel

Dog Transport Companies

Dog Boarding

Dog Kennels

Insta Famous Dogs

Dog Breeders

Dog Importers

Dog Exporters

Dog Travel

Cat Cafes


Cat Breeders

Cat Importers

Cat Exporters

Cat Sitter

Cat Hotel

Make the latest tool in the pet care trade part of your tool box and notice the  difference for yourself.

As an industry professional, we know you have lots of products to choose from,  so why on Earth would you choose Genki Pet Aromatherapy spritzes to help you in  calming and relaxing your dog and cat clients?

  • Because we're unique and represent the cutting edge when it comes to pet health care and that means you haven't tried anything like us before
  • Because our products work
  • Because we are 100% Australian made and owned
  • Because our professionally formulated blends are so easy to use whenever  you and your dog and cat (and human!) clients need some calming AND they  smell amazing!
  • Because who really wants to use medication and synthetic substances on our dog and cat friends?

Wouldn't you prefer to give a totally natural product a go instead? Afterall, the products you use with your dog and cat clients end up all over you don't they?

This is THE NUMBER ONE reason why, as a pet industry professional working  intimately with dogs and cats every day, you'd choose Genki Pet over everything  else! No more nasty, icky smelling chemicals day in day out - just pure, healthy and  effective scents of nature.

Rest assured!

The best quality and carefully sourced Essential Oils in our blends are highest  human grade oils - we know groomers who spritz our blends on themselves instead  of perfume, just so they smell nice at work!


Spritz yourself, spritz your cute cat and dog customers and make tomorrow at work  calm and relaxed - naturally.

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