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Aromatherapy for pets and people

By utilising the natural healing power of Aromatherapy, Genki Pet helps pets and people in feeling healthier, happier and calmer together. Yes! That’s dogs, cats, grandma and baby sister. Our spritzes work and they smell amazing!
But their incredible scent is a pure bonus!

genki pet aromatherapy for pets and their people dog smelling leafYou see, the goal and purpose of our blends is positive mental, emotional and behavioural change for pets and their people, largely achieved by creating a sense of calm for the whole family, but also by utilising the specific effects each carefully selected Essential Oil delivers.

Genki Pet is offering your pet and you the opportunity to eliminate stress and anxiety in your life with small batch, totally natural, professionally hand blended, behaviour changing, Aromatherapy spritzes for pets and their people.
And we are proudly Australian owned & made.

That’s right! Our products work you too!

Our holistic and inclusive approach is what makes Genki Pet so unique and effective. You see, our blends are made with the highest quality, human grade Essential Oils. That means you can spritz yourself and your four-legged family with confidence and peace of mind, knowing you will all benefit from the healing powers of quality and professional Aromatherapy through the use of pure and unadulterated Essential Oils. We use only the very best Essential Oils in our blends.
So if you are committed to quality and purity, then you will LOVE Genki Pet!

Genki Pet Aromatherapy for pets and their people three bottles of behaviour changing spritzes on natural wood with herbs and essential oils and flowers


And the fact your Genki Pet blends are for your health and relaxation too, means your family benefits from a truly holistic outcome; with Aromatherapy, the vibe of your entire home will be calmly changing for the better. Isn’t that great?!

But what IS Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the professional use of pure, unadulterated and totally natural Essential Oils to improve our health and wellbeing, in physical but also mental and emotional ways. Often people find it easy to understand the physical impact of Aromatherapy on their health because it’s results are more obvious; if I have an infected wound and I apply a topical ointment containing Essential Oils with anti-inflammatory and anti-septic qualities and my wound gets better and feels better, then this positive health outcome is obvious and easy to understand because we can see it.

The mental and emotional healing qualities of Aromatherapy sometimes take a bit more of a discerning eye, but once you understand how it all works, you will be noticing changes within yourself and your furry friends in no time.

Say you and your little dog are doing some anxious behaviours; not sleeping well, being overly vigilant, shaking, looking and feeling rather unsettled. And you spritzed our blend for anxiety and hyperactivity around both of you. Our amazing blend, Stillness & Calm contains pure, unadulterated and totally natural Patchouli Essential Oil which helps calm your anxious behaviour because it is grounding, balancing and mood harmonising because…
the pure, unadulterated and totally natural molecular constituents of Patchouli are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Neuro-protective
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Analgesic
  • Anxiolytic
  • Sedative

The molecular constituents of Patchouli Essential Oil stimulate your body’s release of pleasure hormones serotonin and dopamine too. So we feel better when we spritz Stillness & Calm about! And this is but one of the amazing and pure Essential Oils in this blend!

Is it ok to use Aromatherapy with my pet?

Aromatherapy can be an effective and enjoyable natural therapy with which we can improve the health and wellbeing of our pets. Just as other natural therapies for pets like Acupuncture, Myotherapy, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Chiropractic and Herbalism are well enjoyed by dogs, cats and even horses, so too is Aromatherapy.

The similarities in physiology between humans and these animals make Aromatherapy a good choice when we want to choose a natural health solution and avoid synthetic hormones, chemicals and medications. In the hands of a professional, Pet Aromatherapy is totally natural, gentle, safe and effective.

While it is very easy to treat dogs and horses with Aromatherapy, special attention must be paid when treating cats. Their livers do not metabolise some substances and so it is important we take a good look at all the substances we have in the homes we share with cats, not just the Essential Oils we are using. Please take a moment to assess the chemicals you have under your kitchen sink, in your laundry, in your bathroom and importantly, any synthetic fragrance based deodorisers, stick diffusers, wall mounted air fresheners and scented candles you may have in your home. You can read more about cats and Aromatherapy in the cat section of our FAQs.

Why use Aromatherapy for animals?

You’d use Aromatherapy for animals for three main reasons:

  1. Aromatherapy, professionally administered, has such a marked and beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of animals.
  2. Professional Aromatherapy improves animals’ health and wellbeing – naturally free from chemicals or medications.
  3. Animals have a natural tendency toward plants i.e. cats and dogs eating grass for their digestive health, cats and dogs self medicating by rolling in lavender or mint in the garden

The use of Aromatherapy with animals is a complex, varied and highly individual process that works on multiple levels; mental, physical, emotional, conditional.

Despite the rise of the practice of Aromatherapy by the general public, driven by pyramid scheme Essential Oil companies like Doterra and Young Living, qualified and professional Aromatherapy is still your safest option when seeking the benefits of Essential Oils.Because cats and dogs have exceptional senses of smell, Aromatherapy is a very effective therapy for them and also demands respect. Only use Essential Oils recognised as being safe for cats and dogs and remember to keep the concentration far, far lower than you would for humans. And us humans don’t need as much Essential Oils as some folks are using either!

Click here and discover how Pet Industry Professionals are utilising Genki Pet Aromatherapy spritzes to help them care for their furry clients. And find out why you would choose Genki Pet for everybody in your family.

Use Genki Pet Spritzes during Covid-19

During this global disaster, created by humans, let’s look to nature now to help us sort it out.
All our Genki Pet blends contain anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral Essential Oils like Lemon Eucalyptus, Frankincense and French Lavender.

cute dog and girl relaxing asleep calm and peaceful on couch

With Genki Pet in our pet health tool kit, not only will we be trapped in the house with calmer pets and calmer people, we’ll also be spritzing natural, vital healing agents about our homes! AND they smell amazing! Something bright and fresh to combat the smell of pets and their people at home together right now?!

Health and happiness in isolation? Sure!
Add these resources to your cleansing use of Aromatherapy for pets and people.

cute cat healthy exercise playing with toy in isolationCarla Francis, author of Pet Friendly Accommodation on Australia’s East Coast recommends lots of fun things to consider in order to avoid cabin fever in her neat article about self isolating with pets.

And have you read Laura’s, our Guest Author’s article about Five at Home Activites for Hoomans and Us Doggos yet? Laura and her pupster Dee Dee recommend lots of relaxing and cleansing things for dogs and their people to get up to in order to promote good health and relaxation, all the while staying at home.

Premier dog friendly touring company,
Gourmet Pawprints, is sharing their doggie expertise in online Canine Communication Webinars and Tutor Sessions. Helping you understand your dog’s language helps you create a bond with your dog and is the most essential way you can support them throughout their life AND through self isolation!

We will make it through this once in a lifetime experience!
And together, with our pets, we’ll find new and interesting ways of enjoying life in Covid-19 self isolation. So explore a few new dog walking routes and enjoy discovering unlikely cat entertainment toys and we’ll see you on the other side.

In good health and spritzed VERY LIBERALLY with Stillness & Calm,

Rachel and The Genki Pet Team

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