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Cute dog Dachshund IVDD surgery crate rest calmly relieving separation anxiety with Stillness & Calm Success with Genki Pet

Henry, Leanne & Jo, Stillness & Calm

Success with Genki Pet My daughter’s mini Dachshund Henry has a lot of separation anxiety. His anxiety has became worse due to my daughter spending more time with him since he went down with IVDD and had 2 surgeries in 8 weeks . Henry is babysat by me (Henry’s Grandma) when my daughter goes to work. I bought some of Stillness & Calm to see if we could relieve his anxiety. We spray it around Henry’s calm areas, crate, doggy pram & bedding when my daughter leaves. In 4 weeks we have certainly noticed a difference in Henry settling and his anxiety has improved. We have a little fella enjoying life a little more without so much anxiety.
Healthier happier pet Buddy Stillness and Calm Genki Pet

Buddy and Melissa, Stillness & Calm

Stillness and Calm has saved my dog’s life.
If it wasn’t for Stillness and Calm I would have had to have Buddy euthanised, as he would become aggressive for no reason I would be just sitting on lounge watching TV or asleep in bed as a night shift worker, he would be on my lap or next to me then he would just get up and snap or bite me or rip my linen on the bed. I just spray Stillness and Calm on his bed or the room we are in and it calms him down no more snappy dog, it saved his life much happier dog mum and dog.

two dogs lying in bed stillness & calm genki pet for anxiety and hyperactivity rescue dogs

Caitlin, Louis & Holly | Stillness & Calm

I groom dogs for a living and this product is great! It’s so good when something natural can help. Especially with our pets, because we love them so much and would rather not medicate.

Louis likes the smell of the spray when it’s on his bed but he doesn’t like it sprayed around him. I think it could be the sound, but he is a funny boy – he doesn’t like anything unless it’s his idea. But he does sit in his bed a lot more when it smells like Stillness & Calm. And when people come over, he takes his toy and goes and sits in his bed. Whereas lots of times before he would be too excited to go to his bed.

And hilariously, after I sprayed Louis’ bed, I came back and found BOTH Louis and Holly in there together. They must really like it!

I gave the rest of my bottle to a friend who was looking after her Dad’s dogs when unfortunately he had to go into hospital. His little dogs were very, very anxious and she was applying Stillness & Calm to their collars and their bed and she said she noticed a difference. She’s had them before and they paced around and cried. This time they were more cuddly and quiet. She noticed a big difference with them. They’re really cute and are rescues, which is partly why they are such anxious pups.

She loves it! She says she likes to use it as perfume and we all do at Murphy’s Paw – we all LOVE spraying it on ourselves too!

Healthier Happier Pets and their people Grey cat prancing in backyard blue lead

Shinsei | Moving & Grooving

World traveller and frequent holidayer, Shinsei frequently travels on weekend breaks or on photo shoots for his new modelling career.

Before we used Moving & Grooving, he was very vocal in the car.

But last time we travelled with Moving & Grooving and he was noticeably less anxious and even slept most of the way.

~ Roland W, Sydney, Cairns and everywhere in between!

Bart the italian greyhound at event calm and relaxed with stillness & calm spray

Bart | Stillness & Calm

I’ve actually tried an Aromatherapy pendant, rescue remedy, a Thundershirt and calming treats! Things work (sort of) but the poor little darling still shakes and is terrified.

He is very keen on the Stillness & Calm smell. We’ve had a small storm here this afternoon and this was the first chance we’ve had to try our new spritz from Genki Pet. I sprayed my top with it and covered Bart with the top as I didn’t want to disturb him. Bart was already better than he usually is when the storm started and I sprayed the room with it. It’s looking really promising!

He actually went to sleep during the storm!

He’s very different. Last night we went out for dinner and sometimes if there’s too much noise he’ll sit on his bed and shake but last night he was up looking and waiting for other dogs to come along and say hello. Then we went to a dog event in New Castle with lots of loud music and people talking on microphones and he was so very calm.

It really does seem to have lifted a weight off his shoulders.

Rachel just wanted to say a big thank you.
The Stillness & Calm is making such a difference to our boy.

We are just so happy our boy is getting some relief from the anxiety he has suffered. Bartie’s Vet even noticed the difference in him when he went for his vaccine recently and would like the details of the product. It was nice – the Vet noticing – so it was not just us wanting it to work! We are thrilled our boy is getting some relief from his fears. We can’t wait until the storm blend comes out.

luna dog sleeping on blanket calm relaxed

Luna & Steph | Stillness & Calm

Because I work in a professional dog caring environment, I am lucky to be able to bring Luna to work with me.

When she gets tired Luna can be reactive to noises, especially when they wake her up but who can blame her?!

A spritz of  Stillness & Calm on her bed helps her to relax and not be so on alert when she hears a sound.

Steph, Melbourne.

for healthier happier pets and their people cat lying on kitchen floor confidently and relaxed

Bear | Friendship & Acceptance

It really is a great product.
Thank you for gifting this to me as it has certainly made a difference!

Since using the Friendship & Acceptance spritz our beautiful cat Bear has started to interact with us and our other 2 cats again, which is a miracle!

For years she has been a loner cat and hid from people. Now she comes out from her hiding spot under the kitchen cabinet. I found her lazing on the kitchen floor the other day which was lovely to see. She wasn’t bothered when the other cats came near her either. Generally a spat breaks out and Bear runs and hides.

Nothing else in our home has changed, so I know that it’s the spray working. The smell is divine and also helps mask some of the odours that a household with 3 cats can have. I highly recommend this product and thank you to Genki Pet for making my household a calmer and tranquil home. I can’t explain how much I have missed cuddles with Bear and now thanks to this I have her back in my arms

Also, we had to take Bear to the Vet on the weekend, as she had an ingrown nail which was bleeding, so I sprayed her carrier with the spritz and Ross said she was really calm at the Vets!

~ Serrin, Melbourne.

blue staffordshire terrior wearing hat under a tree relaxed stillness & Calm genki pet

Elle & Boston | Friendship & Acceptance

I use Genki Pet spritzes every time I walk my dog.

I spray a couple of spritzes of Friendship & Acceptance on myself and a couple on his leash and collar.

It has a wonderful calming effect on my dog. He is less stressed when walking than he was before I started using Genki Pet.

If you have a dog that is nervous, I highly recommend buying this product.

PS. The fragrance is wonderful as well.

~ Elle & Boston, Melbourne.

baus canine bowen woman holding dog pet health

Bau’s Bowen | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

I practice Canine Bowen Therapy and also work in a professional care environment with dogs.

When I’m using Bowen Therapy with the dogs, I add Genki Pet and especially Stillness & Calm. The products increase the receptivity of the dogs when receiving the Bowen Therapy. Using the spritzes in conjunction with Bowen is especially helpful for treating things like anxiety.

I have noticed the Genki Pet products are also especially good for my colleagues who are not trained in bodywork. Having the spritz in their hands enhances their self confidence setting them up for success!

The beautiful smell of it on their hands and clothing definitely enhances their confidence and intention for what they doing with the dogs. It actually enhances their Stillness & Calm!

~ Maddy Newman, Bau’s Bowen, Melbourne.

rolo cocker spaniel anxiety stillness and calm genki pet

Rolo | Stillness & Calm

Sweet Rolo can be anxious at times, especially when getting a haircut.

One spray of Stillness & Calm on the grooming table and our wonderful groomer was happily able to do her job. Rolo loved the smell so much that he nuzzled into the grooming table and relaxed beautifully for his trim!

Stillness & Calm also perfectly supported his Bowen Therapy treatment.

~ Diggiddy Doggy Daycare, South Melbourne.

jim staffordshire terrior doggy daycare anxious hyperactive

Jim | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

Sweet Jim gets very excited to come to daycare and sometimes we need to give him a little time to calm down before he can go and play.

When we started to apply Stillness & Calm to the bed, we noticed Jim settling a lot faster than usual, and staying relaxed when people walk in and out.

A spritz of Friendship and Acceptance on our handler and he’s all set to go out to daycare and have a great day!

~ Diggiddy Doggy Daycare, South Melbourne.

Doggy daycare south melbourne anxious hyperactive calming

Doggy Daycare | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

Stillness & Calm and Friendship & Acceptance are great additions to our doggy behaviour toolbox.

We use them both in very specific ways. And we are finding they really help make sure our dogs get the most out of their Diggiddy experience!

~Steph – Manager Diggiddy Doggy Daycare, South Melbourne.

dachshund looking up at people anxious

Lucy | Friendship & Acceptance

Our little Dachshund, Lucy, was rescued from a puppy farm. She was very anxious, trusted noone and displayed no confidence at all.

We started spraying her bed with Genki Pet and now when she comes in at night time, she goes straight for it, instead of circling around, very vigilant and hiding under a desk.

She is also calmer outside.

We are also doing training and enrichment with her and she is improving.

~ Grant, Sydney – Dog Behaviourist.

French bulldog relaxing on couch genki pet stillness and calm

Silvana & Pablo | Stillness & Calm

Pablo gets so excited sometimes!

He loops around, runs up and down the stairs, all over the couches, jumping on people and not listening to us at all.

Two sprays of Stillness & Calm and he calms right down, mellows and is clearly really relaxed.

He just sits on the couch then, looking outside, like it’s meditation time. I LOVE it!!

When I finish the bottle I am definitely purchasing another one. I LOVE the smell and it relaxes me as well. Because when I can’t control him, I get anxious.

When he’s relaxed, I can relax too.

~ Silvana & Pablo (Pabs to his friends), Melbourne.

For healthier happier pets and their people black dog on couch dog friendly whisky bar relaxing

Nisha | Friendship & Acceptance

We have been using Friendship & Acceptance for a couple of months now.
It helps with our dog Nisha’s anxiety and behavioural issues; she was a foster dog and newly re-homed to us last year.

We love the smell of the spritz – you notice it when it hits you but then you don’t smell it on everything hours later.

We feel we are having success using it to support and relax Nisha around other dogs.  By using the positive association between her safe places at home that we spray (bed, blanket) and her mat at our dog friendly bar that we also spray, she is noticeably calmer and more relaxed.

When she’s at the bar with other dogs, we notice she goes straight for the mat and its safe smell!

Of course, we are using the spritz as part of a mutli-modal approach to behaviour change and we think every bit is helping.

Just waiting for Genki Pet to bring out a roll-on now!

~ Anupam, BVSc MANZCVS, Melbourne.

stillness and calm bottle on bench with lavender and dogs in background at Canine Culture Australia

Canine Culture Australia | Stillness & Calm

I have been trialling this product from @genkipetau the last couple of weeks.

I love it so much? Ive been using it when bringing any new dog into the house, to help with settling down for rest time after playtime and outings, trips in the van… and any other times where I think it may be useful.
My own dogs love it too – I like to spray their beds with it once a day.
Aromatherapy for the win!
~ Canine Culture Australia

healthier happier pets and their people naturally Dog Acupuncture by Jelena at Balanced Dogs

Jelena | Moving & Grooving and Friendship & Acceptance

Wonderful products, both work well with my patients, helping them relax and enjoy Massage and Acupuncture Treatments even more. So happy I have discovered Genki Pet spritzes!

Jelena Stojanovic ~ Veterinary Acupuncturist and Canine Myofacial Therapist at Balanced Dogs 

healthier happier pets and their people two boxers calm looking at camera Flanagan Boxers

Allyson | Friendship & Acceptance

My family love the smell of Friendship and Acceptance and we have had some great changes start to happen with our two Boxers. They are not friendly with unknown dogs but have now started to feel more comfortable walking past dogs on our walks around the neighbourhood.

Up to now,

I’ve been walking the girls where I think I’ll meet the least number dogs and where those dogs are likely to be on lead. I always walk around dogs we pass by a good 3m or so and although it’s Roxy mostly, both my dogs growl, bark and pull towards the dogs we meet.

I can’t stop and chat to any of the people we pass

because Roxy just won’t stop. This has been going on for about 4 years now. It used to be just brown dogs and Boarder Collies, but now it could be anything.

Friendship & Acceptance is quite interesting and very promising.

Initially I sprayed it on the girls’ mat in the afternoon, while they were quiet and content. That evening after dinner, when Roxy usually pesters Dan to hop on his lap for a cuddle, it was Nala who wanted it! She normally just wants a pat and looks really quite uncomfortable when you pick her up, but not this time!

I’ve continued spraying it around in happy and content times daily.

Then on our morning walks I spray me, them and their leads before we go. I have not met some of the dogs they are really bad with yet, but there are definite changes in the right direction.

I normally have to take a wide berth around any dog we pass to avoid growling, barking, raised hackles and pulling towards them. But we have passed a Cattle Dog twice now and I didn’t have to leave the path!

The first time Roxy still showed interest, looking back at the dog but staying calm, with no hackles raised. On the second time, this morning, they really couldn’t care less about the Cattle Dog and walked nicely beside me!! And Nala didn’t even give 2 hoots about another dog being there at either encounter!

So I reckon its doing some good stuff for the girls.

I’m really interested to see what happens when we meet a couple of Roxy’s most hated dogs. So, I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll keep doin’ what what I’m doin’.

~ Allyson, Brisbane.

Free Sheba

Rosemary | Friendship & Acceptance

As a rescue foster carer, I have new cats being introduced into my multi-cat household on a regular basis. This can result in stress and unhappiness in the resident cats.   So I was pleased to see Friendship and Acceptance in the Genki Pet range.

Apart from the lovely, refreshing fragrance, it has really made a difference in the relaxation levels of my cats and the foster cats. It helps to create a calmer, less hissy environment!

I enjoy spraying it around as much as my cats enjoy the effects!

It’s had a similar effect with my cats to the much more expensive and harder to use success, Feliway pheromone diffuser.

~ Rosemary, Cat Foster Carer, Sydney.

Two dogs Weimaraner playing with same toy on the floor

Vodka and Saga | Friendship & Acceptance

The relaxing fragrance of Friendship & Acceptance helped settle our old dog, after losing his sister, and having a new puppy arrive in the house. I think it helped me too!!

We are using the spray when we have calm in the house to reinforce good behaviours! I forgot to bring the bottle with me when I was up the country on the weekend, so perhaps bad behaviour this week to lack of Friendship & Acceptance??

I LOVE it!

~ Dr Liz, Melbourne, upon introducing new puppy Saga to older dog Vodka.

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