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Allyson | Friendship & Acceptance

My family love the smell of Friendship and Acceptance and we have had some great changes start to happen with our two Boxers. They are not friendly with unknown dogs but have now started to feel more comfortable walking past dogs on our walks around the neighbourhood.

Up to now,

I’ve been walking the girls where I think I’ll meet the least number dogs and where those dogs are likely to be on lead. I always walk around dogs we pass by a good 3m or so and although it’s Roxy mostly, both my dogs growl, bark and pull towards the dogs we meet.

I can’t stop and chat to any of the people we pass

because Roxy just won’t stop. This has been going on for about 4 years now. It used to be just brown dogs and Boarder Collies, but now it could be anything.

Friendship & Acceptance is quite interesting and very promising.

Initially I sprayed it on the girls’ mat in the afternoon, while they were quiet and content. That evening after dinner, when Roxy usually pesters Dan to hop on his lap for a cuddle, it was Nala who wanted it! She normally just wants a pat and looks really quite uncomfortable when you pick her up, but not this time!

I’ve continued spraying it around in happy and content times daily.

Then on our morning walks I spray me, them and their leads before we go. I have not met some of the dogs they are really bad with yet, but there are definite changes in the right direction.

I normally have to take a wide berth around any dog we pass to avoid growling, barking, raised hackles and pulling towards them. But we have passed a Cattle Dog twice now and I didn’t have to leave the path!

The first time Roxy still showed interest, looking back at the dog but staying calm, with no hackles raised. On the second time, this morning, they really couldn’t care less about the Cattle Dog and walked nicely beside me!! And Nala didn’t even give 2 hoots about another dog being there at either encounter!

So I reckon its doing some good stuff for the girls.

I’m really interested to see what happens when we meet a couple of Roxy’s most hated dogs. So, I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll keep doin’ what what I’m doin’.

~ Allyson, Brisbane.

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