Stillness & Calm 250ml

Stillness & Calm 250ml

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Does your dog or cat experience anxiety or hyperactivity? How about you or someone in your home? 


Maybe you’re feeling stressed by your pet’s stress or vice versa?


Stillness & Calm is here to support your dog, your cat, and you with anxiety, hyperactivity and stress.


Pet families often say to us:

My dog has anxiety medication but I notice they’re still getting anxious when we get visitors.

I notice when I’m stressed my dog is anxious.


It’s true, our pets feed off our energy and emotional state as much as we feed off theirs. So, unless we are feeling calm, relaxed, grounded, confident – they will struggle to do so. 


Stillness & Calm is a gentle, safe and effective alternative to cat and dog anxiety medication. And, unlike medications which only treat your pet’s anxiety, Stillness & Calm works on the whole family, for all-round relaxation and calm. 




  • Deep relaxation: naturally relieves anxiety and hyperactivity
  • Positive behaviour change: formulated with Essential Oils safe for dogs and cats, to quieten, calm and settle
  • Perfect for calmly receiving visitors and for settled trips to the vet or groomer
  • Works on the whole family! No need to buy separate products for every pet and person.




  • Gentle, safe and effective formula: ethically-sourced, human grade essential oils safe for dogs, cats and their people
  • Designed to support deep relaxation and calm hyperactivity;
  • Small-batch, boutique product
  • Hand-blended using Kinesiology, by a qualified Aromatherapist with over 22 years experience
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • 100% natural, pure, organic and Australian Essential Oils
  • Utilises the healing power of nature
  • Unique blend of Essential Oils that Smells Amazing!
  • Available in 2 convenient sizes:
    • 125 mL / 4.2 fl. oz
    •   12 mL / 0.4 fl. oz


We love to answer your questions! If you’re not sure whether this is the right spritz for your pet or household, head over to Contact and send us a message. 


  • Standard Post within Australia is FREE and usually takes about 2 – 10 business days but can be more due to delays with our post partners.

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Directions for Use


Why use a fireman's hose to clean your home when a feather duster will do?
Our products are specific and powerful and less is definitely more.


Always make it possible for your pet and people to remove themselves from the area of use.


Begin by removing the clear lid and leaving the bottle in the vicinity of your pet, gauging their interest.
When interest is positive or neutral, spray one or two pumps of your spritz on your person/clothes.

Made with the best quality Essential Oils, our products are perfectly safe, suitable and actually helpful for humans too. 
Yes! Genki Pet works on you too.

Gradually increase proximity of use toward pet's specific areas i.e. bedding, favourite spot, travel carrier, lead/harness, coat/jacket. Once you have the green light from your pet and people - enjoy spritzing the room, car, yourself more liberally.


Making direct application to your pet the last resort means you always have something up your sleeve for particularly trying moments.
Always maintain a positive association with the scent, sound and action of your spritz.
For example, consider sometimes spraying your spritz on your hands first and massaging into the fur of your pet to deepen everyone's calm and relaxation.

Minimal direct application onto your pet's fur is safe but we think you'll find it unnecessary.
Instead thinking: How can I use as little as possible and get a great result here?


Avoid direct contact with your pet’s face (eyes, nose) and other sensitive areas. Always close your eyes when spritzing yourself.

Avoid direct contact with food and water. For external use only.
Don’t worry if this accidentally occurs, you have chosen a totally natural product here and it is blended to a safe concentration for dogs and cats.
Simply observe your pet after consumption confirming they are ok. Probably not the worst thing they’ve ever eaten?!

Avoid use with baby pets (under 10 weeks of age).


Filtered water, Essential Oils (Patchouli, West Australian Sandalwood, French Lavender, Basil, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Lemon Eucalyptus), Soluboliser (Naturally derived from Almond & Coconut Oils).


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Weight 156 g
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